Ramadan Regular Program

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Iftar Program
On the 6thof June, 2016 (beginning of Ramadan), MICO distributed foods to 3 villages of Unguja island; Tumbatu Kichangani village, Pale Donge village and Kilimani Tazari village a total of 400 families. The aid was a donation of IHH from Turkey. Different foods were given to villagers such as Sugar, Rice, Flour and Cooking oil. The cost of this donation was 14,200,000/= (Fourteen Million, Two Hundred Thousand Tanzania Shillings)

Villagers heading home after picking their share of iftar donated

by IHH under the umbrella of MICO.

In the same month of Ramadan, another donor; Diyanet (Ministry responsible for religious affairs in Turkey) donated for Ramadan iftar program to 700 families in Zanzibar at cost of 36,225,000/= (Thirty Six Million, Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Tanzanian Shillings). This aid went to help 9 villages.
Also, SadakataAY joined this move by contributing 7,455,000/= that benefited 210 families in two villages of Kwambani and Tumbatu.
In the meanwhile, Global Support, SadakataAY and Diyanet contributed for the slaughtering of sacrifice. The contribution was 1,750,000/=, 2,000,000/= and 260,000/= respectively. The meat was then distributed to beneficiaries in a way to lessen their fasting as an act of worshiping during the holy month of Ramadan.altcoin miner