Ramadan Regular Program

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On the 6thof June, 2016 (beginning of Ramadan), MICO distributed foods to 3 villages of Unguja island; Tumbatu Kichangani village, Pale Donge village and Kilimani Tazari village a total of 400 families. The aid was a donation of IHH from Turkey. Different foods were given to villagers such as Sugar, Rice, Flour and Cooking oil. The cost of this donation was 14,200,000/= (Fourteen Million, Two Hundred Thousand TanzanianA�Shillings)

Villagers heading home after picking their share of iftar donated

by IHH under the umbrella of MICO.

In the same month of Ramadan, another donor; Diyanet (Ministry responsible for religious affairs in Turkey) donated for Ramadan a�?iftara�? program to 700 families in Zanzibar at cost of 36,225,000/= (Thirty Six Million, Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Tanzanian Shillings). This aid went to help 9 villages.
Also, SadakataAY joined this move by contributing 7,455,000/= that benefited 210 families in two villages of Kwambani and Tumbatu.
In the meanwhile, Global Support, SadakataAY and Diyanet contributed for the slaughtering of sacrifice. The contribution was 1,750,000/=, 2,000,000/= and 260,000/= respectively. The meat was then distributed to beneficiaries in a way to lessen their fasting as an act of worshiping during the holy month of Ramadan.

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