Our Activities

These mostly depend upon the needs and resources of the organization; however, carrying Outs it objectives and aims without to the generality for the fore going the Organization will undertake activities, programmes Service and/or projects intend to: –

  • Engage in Humanitarian and Charitable activities and to come to the aid of the bereaved and other benevolent.
  • Place active role in fundraising activities on behalf of the victim of disasters and calamities so that they are provided with practical assistance to repair the damages and rebuild their lives. Also the funds will be used to promote, and carry investments identified in identified and viable programmes/projects like food crop growing to check hunger, malnourished groups, etc. by investing into them.
  • Foster, promote, mobilize and secure the participation of both the local and international community to acquire and culture of humanity and kindness through establishing homes for orphans, disabled children, street children, disabilities, elderly persons, and elderly daycare centers counseling centers, hospitals, dispensaries, health clinics and other centers projects and programmes which will benefit these vulnerable and less advantaged groups of people.
  • Facilitate logistical and professional assistance targeted for disaster, rescue operations and refugees.
  • Provide material, professional and financial support to projects initiated and run by the organization for the purpose of boasting disaster preparedness, relief and rehabilitation activities.
  • Identify, negotiate with invite sponsors, facilitate and create and appropriate atmosphere and goodwill for them to invest in research tours and eco-tourism for development camping out reaches programme, transportation multimedia and communication networks.
  • Educational projects including Nursery/Kindergarten or Preparatory Schools Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities Education through sponsorship, establishing and running them.