Medical/Health Support

genius miningDistribution of Medical/Hospital Equipments
In January 2016, MICO received a cargo container, full of hospital beds, mattresses, chairs and others specific for medical use. The aid received from Helping Hand organization. The cost of the aid was 725,175,000/= (Seven Hundred Twenty Five Million, One Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Tanzanian Shillings) equivalent to 345,320 USD.

Head of MICO, Mr. Farouk (right) unloading the cargo container ready for distribution of medical equipments to all major hospital over Unguja and Pemba islands. The disr=tribution were made officially and nationally as despite the supervision of MICO office but the government staffs and officials were envited to attend, suggesting proper villages to be benefited

This aid distributed to 25 major hospitals all over Unguja and Pemba. Those are: Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, Muembe Ladu Hospital, Abdalla Mzee Hospital, Mikunguni Hospital, KMKM Hospital, Gamba Hospital, Kivunge Hospital, Matemwe Hospital, Miwani Hospital, Mwera Hospital, Kiboje Hospital, Uzini Hospital, Bambi Hospital, Chwaka Hospital.
Others are: Muungoni Hospital, Kizimkazi Hospital, Makunduchi Hospital, Kiembesamaki Hospital, Mustafa Unal Clinic, Chake Chake Hospital, Vitongoji Hospital, Mzambarauni and Micheweni Hospitals.

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