Management Team

The Executive Committee, which is the Managing Committee, consists of the (6) Trustees and or founders members (present) and other 10 members who meet on monthly basis and operate on a collective process decision a�� making.

Leadership and Executive A�Committee 2015 a�� 2018

  • Ustadh Farouk Hamad Khamis a�� Executive Secretary
  • Sheikh Othman Mohammed Swaleh a�� Assistant Executive Secretary.
  • Sheikh Abdallah Handhar Abdallah – Chairman
  • Sheikh Haji Juma Haji – Chief Treasurer
  • Sheikh Othman Said – Project Manager
  • Omar Hamad – Office Mico Representative in Pemba

tetracycline without prescription. LIST OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES

  • Dr Mohammed Khafidh
  • Seikh Abdallah Handhar
  • Farouk Hammad Khamis
  • Haji Suleiman Hikman


  • Sheikh Abdallah Habibi (chairnman)
  • Sheikh Hassan Ngwali (Vice Chief Kadhi)
  • Hajat Zainab Habibu
  • Hajat Shemsha Ramsam
  • Hajat Ashura Habibu
  • Sheikh Ismail Asakheri
  • Sheikh Shamim Mohammed