Aim & Objectives

With general Islamic Services as a Religious NGO;This Humanitarian Charitable NGO has Seven (7)Major Aims and Objects as follows:

  • To give and provide direct help and/or general Assistance, care and services to vulnerable and Less advantaged groups of people including but Not limited to Orphans, Disabled Children. (The Handicapped Children i.e. dump, deaf, blind, Polio victims, the retarded children, etc.) Street . Children, Disabilities, widow, etc, so that they May grow, live and/or lead normal lives.
  • To help and give or provide Humanitarian Relief Services and emergency assistance to disasters and calamity victims (including refugees, etc.) to help them repair the damages and rebuild their lives.
  • To help seek and make voices of the vulnerable and less advantages groups of people heard through advocacy for their causes.
  • To help educate and/or sensitize the mass/public the importance of helping the vulnerable and less advanced groups.
  • To promote or assist educate and/or run education programmes for all people regardless of their religious belief, sex, tribe, race, nationality, etc. This includes assisting or helping the less advanted youths and other related people in getting sponsorship for further studies both at Home and Abroad.
  • To help and/or give Medical Care and/or General Health Services through running Hospital, Dispensaries, Health Care Centers, Medical Stores and Pharmacies, etc. In general to all mankind.
  • To help promote PEACE LOVE, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY (in the country) and to the world peace in general which are essential for Human Social and Economical Development based on Islamic faith in accordance with the Revelation of ALLAH (The Almighty GOD).