Muzdalifah Islamic Charitable Organization MICO established in 1999 once Ustadh Farouk Hamad Khamis cooperated with a team of his friends who studied in Saudi Arabia and Sudan with good heated well wished together with Humanitarian People who were working in various capacities in social sectors as well as individuals, forming the Organization known as Muzdalifah Islamic Academy in 1998-1999 and now the name changed formally called MUZDALIFAH ISLAMIC CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION (MICO).

Muzdalifah Islamic Charitable Organization (MICO) Is a Charitable NGO for the all people regardless of their religious belief, sex, tribe and nationality, it is an Organization which was established since 1999 and officially registered on August 2001 in Zanzibar under the Societies ACT NO.6 of 1995 Certificated Registration NO 157 as a Religious Charitable – Non Profit Making Organization, Non Political and NonĀ  Governmental Organization independently and voluntarily organization to assist/help and provide Humanitarian relief for helpless.



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